Russian River Valley Lennox Vineyards Sonoma County, CA

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Welcome, we are a small family-owned vineyard in the Russian River Valley appellation (AVA). Particularly in the cooler southern region, this is an area of premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes -- our focus. Making premium wine starts with growing premium grapes. We personally look after each vine, tailoring it toward our vision of a bottle of wine we can truly be proud to share.

We bought our primary 9 acre vineyard in 2000 and over the course of several years replanted and modernized. We are proud that our grapes have gone into award winning wines at Chasseur Wines, Acacia Vineyard, Arista Winery, and Envolve Winery where we have been a vineyard designate Pinot Noir for several vintages, as well as our own Chardonnay and Merlot.

Also started in 2000, the small 2/3 acre home vineyard is in the south-west corner of Russian River Valley known as "Green Valley" where Pinot Noir is king. It is very densely planted with multiple clones on a gentle slope facing south over a small valley. Our nano winery at the house came on-line starting with the 2008 vintage. Some of the early wines were challenged but more recent vintages have reliably been very good. We continue to hone our winemaking skills but will always aim to make very high quality hand-crafted wine at a very reasonable price. We do not have plans for a tasting room but we are always glad to make new wine-enthusiastic friends.

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